Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Goal for Everyone

by Sonya Jones

A discussion we have periodically ( every couple of years) in our home is:

" If you had unlimited money and no need to work to earn a living what are some of the things you would want to experience or achieve in your lifetime"

We give everyone a couple of hours to think and then share our dreams. What we have found interesting is that many of the things that we dream of are things we could be involved in or doing without waiting for a more opportune time. It helps us plan direction and realise what is important to each member of the family and how we can work together to fit in some of the,
important but overlooked in the business of life , goals.

I have a 16 year old going into Grade 12 (musician and still loves learning), homeschooled from the beginning, and a 12 year old who is following her passion as an apprentice at the Canadian Pacific Ballet. At this point in time I am mainly Mom's Taxi and support but even in the hours I spend down at Market Square at the ballet studio I am finding ways to make it work with runs along the inner harbour with the dog (exercise time!) and becoming the photographer for the CPB ballet performances. I know that as my children achieve adulthood I will have the time to pick up some of the things that I don't find important enough to have time for now. I am happy with my choices, and there is always a cost, no matter what you choose.


First posted on the VicHomeLearn Discussion List, 2010. Reprinted by kind permission.