Tuesday, September 7, 2010

But My Kid Loves Workbooks!

Yeah, yeah. I've heard about your type before.

And I can't say with a clear conscience that I'm not just the teensiest bit envious that your kid loves workbooks. Seriously, when our home learning kids love schooly things like worksheets and workbooks and things of that ilk, it's so much easier to fend off the folks who ask us (or our kids) what we do all day. And having our kids engaged in these sorts of activities makes it easier to subdue the doubts that sometimes pop up in our own minds (usually in the wee hours of the night or in the middle of a conversation with the parent of a high achiever).

If the desire is coming from your kid (because some kids really do love workbooks), then feel free to supply him or her with as many workbooks as he or she wants for as long as he or she wants them.

I suspect that's the tricky part: taking a break or setting aside the workbooks when your child's interest lags. It might be difficult to set them aside because you are worried about providing the right education for your child. Or it might be that it's just easier to keep your kids occupied when they are busy with pencil and paper tasks. Or you're just not up to dealing creatively with narrow-minded prying about what your kids are doing and learning.

I hope this resource faire will help you find many different things to do with your kids so that you can feel free to be flexible to support your children's learning interests and preferred styles (whatever they happen to be in the moment). I also hope it will provide you with the rationales you need to defend your particular approach to learning at home with your kids.

There really is no "right" way to homeschool. There is only the way that feels best to you and your kids.