Thursday, September 30, 2010

Physics Sites

For those of you looking for some online physics inspiration:

How Stuff Works, which is related to Discovery, has a lot of information about many different things. It's almost overwhelming! It also, however, has a section dedicated to physical science, as well as a section dedicated to engineering.

Anne Zeise's A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling has a whole section of excellent physics links titled Physics 4 Kids. There is an abundance of links to explore and enjoy.

Home Physics by Kathy Ceceri

Kathy is a homeschooling parent and a writer for GeekDad (Wired's online blog for parents) and has recently been working through high school level physics with her own children. Her site has an amazing amount of information for people who want to explore physics, either as a survey of the basic concepts or an in-depth study. I can't possible hope to replicate what she's done here, so please take a look for yourself. There are a number of excellent links in the sidebar as well.

Of course, both Robert Krampf (The Happy Scientist) and Steve Spangler will have some physics shenanigans up their sleeves, so be sure to stop by their sites to see what's going on.

Like chemistry (or any science area), physics is something that's much more fun to learn about off the page (or screen), so find some way to roll up your sleeves and dive in... it will be a blast!