Sunday, October 3, 2010

Freddy the Poet Pig

On a recent trip, I tucked a copy of this book into our luggage, just in case we had time for reading.

Turns out some bedtime reading was just what was needed to help us all switch gears from the busy pace of the day to settling in for sleep. The only trouble was that this book was so compelling, so hilarious, so endearing that we had trouble closing it and turning out the lights. It was always "Just one more chapter!" or "You can't leave it on a cliff-hanger!".

My husband's most frequent comments were, "Where did you find this book? Why didn't I know about it when I was a kid? Are there more of them?"

Well, I don't remember where I first stumbled upon Freddy and the Ignormus as a possible reading choice for our family. I have had our copy on our bookshelves for a year or two, I do know that. And now that we've enjoyed Freddy, I recollect that my friend Marty told me her children loved Freddy the pig (although I somehow never drew the connection between the book we had on our shelves and the character she was describing).

I have no idea why neither of us knew about Freddy when we were kids since we were both bookworms and lived in libraries. It seems bizarre that Freddy wasn't on a required reading list somewhere or introduced to us by a teacher or a librarian. He is the perfect character (a genuine "Renaissance Pig") and his adventures are so "true" and funny. Really funny. And his poetry! Oh, my.

And, yes, there are more! 25 more to be exact (26 in total).

Here's a lovely 1994 New York Times' article about Freddy. Of course, a pig this fantastic has his own fan site.

Freddy books are not the easiest to track down (in Canada, anyway). The hardcover copies available though are not cheap and paperback versions are rare (although I see a couple more are being reprinted for this fall). But if you are able to find them at your public library or you invest in a Freddy book or three, they will provide many hours of enjoyment for both you and your children.