Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

If your heart is set on a packaged approach to supporting your child's learning and you are looking for a place online where different programs are reviewed by other homeschoolers,  you may want to check out Homeschool Reviews.

This site has been operating for several years now and you can find reviews on almost all of the current curriculum that is on the market.

Note: It can be easy to get caught up in buying packaged curriculum that ends up sitting unused in closets or on top of bookshelves (that you later give away or sell in "mint" condition for a fraction of the original cost). If you decide to spend the money on a packaged program, you'll want to research it to ensure that other people not only like it but that they are actually using it with their kids (without tears and yelling). In addition to reading reviews, ask others you know who use a more structured approach in their homes about what they use. They'll have some opinions about what programs work well for their kids (and may even be willing to let you borrow material to review for yourself). And never be afraid to ditch a program that isn't working for your child. It's much more important to support a child's love of learning than a publisher's materials.