Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other Math Articles Posted Elsewhere

If you want to think more about math learning (and learning in general!) today, here are a few interesting articles to get you on your way.

David Albert :: A Travel Excursion of the Mind (Parts I & II)
Using the school model for our homeschooling endeavors, generally speaking, is extremely limiting. Gregory Bateson’s daughter Mary Catherine Bateson once wrote that Trying to understand learning by studying schooling is rather like trying to understand sexuality by studying bordellos.

Lillian Jones :: The Delights of Exploring Math With Your Child
The question of how to provide our children with a good math education often causes undue anxiety. With a clearer and more relaxed understanding of what it is that we're trying to accomplish, we can present it as just one more interesting part of life - one that anyone can easily explore and delight in.

Not everyone will become fascinated with math, any more than everyone will become fascinated with painting or creative writing - but anyone can at least become acquainted with the fun to be found in it, so that they can learn math as a useful and accessible tool rather than as a dull and exhausting set of mysterious processes understood only by people who are "good at math."

Alfie Kohn :: Students Don't "Work -- They Learn
We are living in an age when education is described as an "investment," when school reform is justified by invoking the "need to be competitive in the 21st century." The implication here is that the central function of schools is to turn out adequately skilled employees who will show up on time and do whatever they're told so that corporations can triumph over their counterparts in other countries... But if it is repugnant to regard children primarily as future workers - or, more broadly, as adults-in-the-making - it is worse to see what children do right now as work.