Resource Shelf

We love resources! They support and extend our children's learning interests and increase our own understanding. Some of us get positively addicted to the thrill of finding new and wonderful books and things that increase our joy of learning.

I hope the following list helps you in your search for best-fit resources for your children.


Get All Mathematical! Why packaged math curriculum isn't necessary to learn and understand mathematics.

Things That May Not Look Like Math... But Are Seeing the "math" in our kids' everyday activities.

Math and the Big Screen Math gets off the page and onto the screen!

Books and Math: Parts 1 and 2 - Great ideas for books related to math learning... no textbooks!

Books and Math: Parts 3 and 4 - More great ideas for math-related books.

Math Websites Fun sites for kids!

Other Math Links Sites to support conventional higher math learning.

Just Do the Math David Albert explains how you can learn all the K to 12 curriculum in 8 weeks.


Scientifically Speaking James Burke helps us understand how our knowledge influences our perception and thus, changes our lives (and the world as we know it).

DIY: The Science of Mistakes  Mark Frauenfelder, current editor of Make and founder of BoingBoing, talks about the importance of making mistakes and also waxes eloquent about unschooling.

Steampunk and Other Science-Based Genres An exploration of science fiction and its reciprocal relationship to our understanding of science.

All Things Chemical Chemistry Resources (with a little They Might Be Giants thrown in for fun).

The Science of Food Kitchen science goes deep.

Construction Toys Hands-on math and physics. These are our favourites!

Physics Fun It all comes down to Rube Goldberg... and Heath Robinson... and Wallace & Gromit...

General Science Books and Series Great science books often show up in series.

Take a Quantum Leap: Technology and Beyond  Books and video related to a variety of physics concepts.

Science Kit Series Science-in-a-box - hands on!

Little Big Physics How you can apply physics through video games.

Physics Websites

Masters of Invention All about inventors!

Language: Reading and Writing

On Reading What it's really all about.

Writing with Kids With some resource suggestions for parents, too!

Funny Books for Kids Humour makes reading fun.

Graphically Novel Lots of great graphic novel suggestions.

Finding Great Books Some clues as to where to begin your search.

Mechanics Out-of-the-box ways to think about the mechanics of language (plus resources).

Language Games Fun language-related games.

Literary Adaptations Films based on novels that we love.

Sharing Poetry with Children

Shakespeare: Enjoying the Bard

Steampunk and Other Science-Based Genres An exploration of science fiction

Favourite Christmas Books for Kids and their Parents

Learning from Graphic Novels

History and Social Sciences

Lest We Forget - Resources for Remembrance Day or for talking about war and peace

Horrible Histories

History Surrounds Us Exploring "every day" history in the world around us.

Arts and Crafts

Snowflakes - Making them: origami, cut-outs, online.

Kids and Art and Courage - About the non-conformity of making art.

Protecting the Artist Within - We are all born artists. What happens?

Finding Materials, Creating Space - Building the foundation for great art experiences at home.

Inspiring Art - Looking beyond art supplies to nurture creativity.

The Art Journal - Exciting ways to keep a sketchbook.

Approaching Art at Home - Where to find "how to" information, why paper is important, and suggestions for art materials.

Celebrating (and Dealing with) Children's Art - Tips on how to display and preserve your kids' art projects.

Video Games

Failing Until They Win - excellent article on the benefits of gaming

Little Big Physics - using games to explore the principles of physics

To Game or Not to Game - there's no question anymore: games can and do enrich our lives (and learning)